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Castrol EDGE Rankings - measuring driving talent

Who is the world's best driver? That question is likely to stir up as much opinion as there is sand in the Sahara, but respected British motorsport magazine Autosport has made possibly the most comprehensive effort yet in an attempt to come up with the definitive answer. We take a closer look at the Castrol EDGE Rankings - the system which ranks relative motorsport performance.

Castrol EDGE Rankings is a joint venture between Autosport and lubricants company Castrol, whose passion for motorsport has been clear to see in everything from circuit racing to the World Rally Championship over years gone past. The system ranks about 3000 racing and rally drivers across 43 major motorsport series and important standalone races, pitching results against each other to calculate - with the greatest accuracy possible - a points-based table over just who is the world's current top performer. Beside the results themselves, the scheme also considers the relative strength of the different championships and events. For example, winning a Formula 1 Grand Prix is deemed to be more valuable than taking the chequered flag in a BTCC race.

The rankings include a wide range of four-wheel motorsport disciplines, stretching from World Championship events to Japanese Formula Nippon, Le Mans endurance racing and Argentinian touring cars.


As soon as an event which counts towards the Castrol EDGE Rankings has been completed, all the data is collected and participating drivers are provided with a so-called Castrol EDGE Index Score. The Index Score is based on the outcome of qualifying and the race (or rally) and is multiplied by a pre-determined weighting which relates to the importance of the event from an international viewpoint. A driver's score is also adjusted depending on the number of rounds in the championship to equalise a series with low levels of running to one with a higher tally of rounds.

All results are compiled once a week, with every driver's points total and ranking position decided by his or her performance over the last 12 months. The driver who has managed to accumulate the most overall points during the past year (note: not calendar year) leads the Castrol EDGE Rankings. At the moment, reigning Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel tops the list following his seven victories (up to and including the Belgian GP) so far in 2011.


Formula 3, of course, is one of the categories represented within the Castrol EDGE Rankings. Felix's success in Formula 3 Euro Series - and not least his RTL GP Masters of F3 win at Zandvoort in August - has seen him rise a spectacular 367 places during the past 12 months (see a graph detailing Felix's late form above). Almost 300 of those positions have been gained since the 2011 curtain-raiser at Paul Ricard in early April.

On the aggregate list covering all the drivers who are part of the statistics, Felix currently sits in 213th place with a points total of 4036. With Felix having raced in the German F3 championship - which has a lower rating than Formula 3 Euro Series - last year, the indications are pointing towards a continued rise throughout the up-coming months as results from the end of this season demote those from the corresponding period of 2010.


Next to its main ranking system, the Castrol EDGE Rankings also feature a set of tailor-made functions to facilitate navigation to the type of information you're after. It's fully possible to find out who has performed the best during the current calendar year, to gain an understanding of who has taken the biggest step forward in a certain championship - or, as in the picture above, to compare drivers from a specific country.

Among the total of 43 Swedes represented in the Castrol EDGE Rankings, Felix's late achievements mean that he has leapfrogged the likes of Rickard Rydell, Robert Dahlgren and Fredrik Ekblom to currently rank in as the third-highest ranked driver from his home nation - with only double DTM champion Mattias Ekström and GP2 pilot Marcus Ericsson ahead of him. Fellow National Motor Racing Team member and Formula 3 Euro Series rival Jimmy Eriksson holds ninth position in the list over Swedish performances.

Keep your eyes open at www.felixracing.se throughout the rest of the season to stay up-to-date with how Felix's results influence his position in what must arguably be considered the most authoritative driver comparision programme currently available world-wide.

For more information about the Castrol EDGE Rankings, please visit http://www.castroledgerankings.com/.

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