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Length: 2.300 km
Opened: 1947
F3 lap record: 48.625s (Roberto Merhi, 2011)
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From Austrian countryside to German concrete; what a difference a month makes. Four weeks on from the hills and forests of Spielberg, the Formula 3 Euro Series and FIA European F3 Championship drivers prepare to do battle between the walls of the Norisring - Germany's only street circuit, and a unique challenge in the true sense of the word.

Sitting close to the famous Frankenstadion soccer arena in eastern Nuremberg, the Norisring marks the highlight of the DTM season. The proximity of the nearby Dutzendteich lake - and the city centre atmosphere as everyday roads are transformed into a high-profile racing circuit - have sprung the term "Franconian Monaco", with fans getting closer to the action than at any other venue on the calendar. Ahead of a weekend when the European Formula 3 regulars will be joined by the full field of drivers from the British championship - placing 28 cars within the confines of a 2.3 km Armco-lined circuit - it's not exactly surprising that the Norisring event is one of the most eagerly anticipated this year.    


With just four corners and a lap half the length of most other, it's easy to jump to the conclusion of Norisring being quite a straightforward circuit. Nothing, however, could be more wrong.

The tarmac on the former parade streets around the 360-metre "Steintribüne" grandstand is among the most uneven in the world, and grip levels are not helped by an array of painted traffic lines on the surface of the track. The layout is dominated by two tight hairpins - one at each end - making traction and braking the two most important parameters in car set-up. Sticking with the aspect of braking, slowing the cars down in an effective way will be one of the most significant challenges for the drivers, with heavy braking zones made even more difficult by twisting entries to the corners. The Norisring puts a premium on mechanically strong chassis, as opposed to the aerodynamic performance required by more traditional venues.    

The room for mistakes (the DTM meeting sees about 100 concrete walls and three layers of Armco installed around the track) is highly limited - particularly in the fast Esses on the back of the circuit. The Nuremberg streets require drivers to slowly build their confidence between the walls, making a trouble-free practice session on Friday vital for the acclimatisation process. 


Historically, the Norisring DTM round has always sported beautiful weather. The exception was last year, when torrential rain blighted most of the weekend and made an already challenging venue even more treacherous. For the weekend ahead, however, the weather Gods seem to be back in good spirits with forecasts promising bright sunshine and warm summer temperatures.

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Felix's perspective


"It will be good to finally get back behind the wheel following a month without driving. For my part, I see the Norisring as one of the biggest challenges this season, and I'm going there looking to make up for last year. This was the one circuit all season where we didn't have the pace to challenge at the front, and hopefully we'll be able to overwrite that memory with something more positive this weekend. I think we have the possibility of doing that, but it will require a strong car under braking and acceleration. We did have some issues with that at the beginning of the year, but we managed to grab pole position in Austria last time out and have improved in every area. Furthermore, we found some interesting things in testing at Lausitz in the week following Spielberg, so I'm really looking forward to charge between the walls this weekend. With almost 30 cars on the grid, there won't be room to hold back, and this should be a spectacular event."


Time schedule

All times local

Friday (29 June)
Free Practice: 10.35-12.20
Qualifying: 16.15-16.45

Saturday (30 June)
Race 1 (48 laps): 11.50-12.30
Race 2 (24 laps): 18.00-18.20

Sunday (1 July)
Race 3 (48 laps): 10.45-11.25

How it works

This weekend's races count towards both Formula 3 Euro Series and the FIA European Formula 3 Championship. The exception is Race 2, which only counts towards Formula 3 Euro Series. This weekend will also see the entire armada of the British F3 field join in on the action. All cars - regardless of what championship they race in - will be on track simultaneously, making for an absolutely packed line-up along the Norisring (even more cars than at Pau earlier this year).  

The grid for the first race of the meeting is based on each driver's second-fastest lap time in Friday qualifying, with the outright fastest times setting up the grid for Race 3. Both Race 1 and Race 3 are run over approx. 40 minutes, and utilise the same points structure as Formula 1 with 25 points on offer for the winner. This applies to both Formula 3 Euro Series and the FIA European Formula 3 Championship.

Race 2 is a so-called "sprint" event, contested over approx. 20 minutes. The grid is formed by reversing the top eight finishers from Race 1, with the winner starting from eighth, the runner-up from seventh etc. The artificial elements of Race 2 - combined with the shorter race distance - mean that fewer points are up for grabs (10 for the winner) than in Race 1 and Race 3.

The full 2012 calendar and points system can be viewed here.

Preliminary entry list

Nr.     Name                 Nat.                   Team               Engine 
1     Daniel Juncadella                 ESP                   Prema Powerteam               Mercedes-Benz
2     Sven Müller                 GER                   Prema Powerteam               Mercedes-Benz
5     Felix Rosenqvist                 SWE                   Mücke Motorsport               Mercedes-Benz
6     Pascal Wehrlein                 GER                   Mücke Motorsport               Mercedes-Benz
7     Sandro Zeller                 SUI                   Jo Zeller Racing               Mercedes-Benz
8     Andrea Roda                 ITA                   Jo Zeller Racing               Mercedes-Benz
9     Lucas Wolf                 GER                   URD Rennsport               Mercedes-Benz
10     Philip Ellis                 GBR                   GU-Racing               Mercedes-Benz
11     William Buller                 GBR                   Carlin               Volkswagen
12     Carlos Sainz Jr.*                 ESP                   Carlin               Volkswagen
14     Michael Lewis                 USA                   Prema Powerteam               Mercedes-Benz
15     Raffaele Marciello                 ITA                   Prema Powerteam               Mercedes-Benz
16     Tom Blomqvist                 GBR                   ma-con Motorsport               Volkswagen
17     Emil Bernstorff                 GBR                   ma-con Motorsport               Volkswagen
23     Luis Sá Silva                 ANG                   Angola Racing Team               Mercedes-Benz
30     Harry Tincknell**                 GBR                   Carlin               Volkswagen
31     Hannes van Asseldonk**                 NED                   Fortec Motorsport               Mercedes-Benz
32     Felix Serralles**                 PRI                   Fortec Motorsport               Mercedes-Benz
33     Alex Lynn**                 GBR                   Fortec Motorsport               Mercedes-Benz
34     Jazeman Jaafar**                 MAS                   Carlin               Volkswagen
35     Geoff Uhrhane**                 AUS                   Double R               Mercedes-Benz
36     Fahmi Ilyas**                 MAS                   Double R               Mercedes-Benz
37     Duvashen Padayachee**                 AUS                   Double R               Mugen-Honda
38     Luis Derani**                 BRA                   Fortec Motorsport               Mercedes-Benz
39     Jack Harvey**                 GBR                   Carlin               Volkswagen
40     Pietro Fantin**                 BRA                   Carlin               Volkswagen
41     Nick McBride**                 AUS                   Threebond with T-Sport               Nissan
42     Richard Goddard**                 AUS                   T-Sport               Mugen-Honda

*Entered for both Formula 3 Euro Series, the FIA European F3 Championship and the British International Series.
**Only entered for the British International Series. Will not score Formula 3 Euro Series or FIA European F3 Championship points. 



As always, www.felixracing.se will be fully updated throughout the weekend, with reports from each of the sessions that take place. The website is the central information hub for everything that goes on both on and off the track, and will also feature other relevant news, pictures and videos.


For the first time in the history of Formula 3 Euro Series, all races will be streamed LIVE at www.f3euroseries.com throughout the season, meaning everyone with an internet connection will now be able to watch all the action in real time. The live stream can also be accessed via banners appearing on the start page at www.felixracing.se. The streaming will commence ten minutes before the scheduled start of each race (see event time table above).

Social media

The interaction with fans and followers will principally involve Felix Racing's official Facebook Fan Page (link below), where supporters can discuss all the goings-on and post potential questions to Felix.

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