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Felix completes seat fitting in Berlin

Felix was given his first look at Dallara's new-for-2012 Formula 3 car - the F312 - when he visited the Mücke Motorsport workshop in Berlin for a seat-fitting session ahead of the up-coming Formula 3 Euro Series campaign on the weekend.

Seat fitting is the name of the process where an individually adapted seat - shaped entirely after the contours of the driver's body - is produced. The seat is moulded from polyurethane foam and is an important part of enabling the driver to function at the peak of his performance; ergonomics suddenly become pretty important when you're travelling at 200 km/h...

Further information on how a racing seat is made can be viewed in the following article, originally published here at www.felixracing.se ahead of the 2009 season.

Seat fitting - how it's done

With the first step of the pre-season build-up completed, Felix can now look ahead to a month of much activity. This week will see the annual Mercedes-Benz training camp in Austria take place, before official winter testing kicks off in Valencia on March 17-18. Preparations will then continue with a further two days of running on Spanish soil, as Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya concludes pre-season testing on March 21-22.

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