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Felix keeps Karlskoga win after committee decision

The Swedish motorsport governing body, the SBF, has decided to reject the appeal of the Karlskoga MF organisation which stated that Felix Rosenqvist had driven unsafely during the Formula Renault Sweden event at the Gelleråsen circuit on August 14 of this year. Felix was initially hit with a 30-second time penalty after having won the first race of the weekend in Karlskoga, but protested the decision as he felt that he had done nothing wrong. The Stewards of the Meeting accepted Felix's stance, but host club Karlskoga MF opposed that verdict and appealed to the SBF's legal committee. Today, the final judgment was passed - with Rosenqvist deemed innocent and keeping his race win.    

The outcome had no influence on the championship standings, as Felix would have won the title even if the initial 30-second penalty had been upheld. However, the decision does mean that Felix keeps his status as the only driver to have achieved a "dream weekend" in Formula Renault Sweden in 2009 - with two victories, two Pole Positions and two fastest race laps in the two races contested at the Karlskoga meeting in question.

Read the legal committee's verdict (in Swedish)


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