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Felix Rosenqvist selected for Swedish national team

Felix Rosenqvist - national team representative. That epithet has now become justified, as Swedish ASN the SBF has announced five carefully selected junior drivers for a new elite development programme aimed at returning Sweden to the forefront of international motor racing. Felix met with SBF officials at the Swedish Motorsport Gala in Örebro, and will be supported by the ASN within the framework of the new initiative.

The five drivers selected for the 2010 Swedish national team of racing are:

  • Marcus Ericsson, 19, from Kumla. Will compete in GP2, the Formula 1 feeder series, with Super Nova.
  • Jimmy Eriksson, 18, from Tomelilla. Has signed with German F3 team Motopark Academy for the German Formula 3 championship.
  • Felix Rosenqvist, 18, from Malmö (formerly Värnamo). Is yet to reveal his plans and is in discussions with a number of international teams.
  • Philip Forsman, 21, from Segeltorp. Negotiates with several teams about a seat in German F3.
  • Timmy Hansen, 17, from Götene. Made his debut in Formula BMW Europe last year and will remain with Mücke Motorsport for a second season.


Four of five 2010 Swedish national team drivers: Timmy Hansen, Jimmy Eriksson, Philip Forsman - and Felix Rosenqvist 
Felix is now a member of the Swedish national team of racing 

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