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Felix Rosenqvist wins the Rydell Special Award - and Ronnie Peterson Memorial Foundation scholarship!


On Saturday night, Felix Rosenqvist was named one of this year's Ronnie Peterson Memorial Foundation scholarship winners. The honor-filled annual prize, which is traditionally handed out to gifted drivers or leaders within Swedish motorsport, was presented at the Swedish Motorsport Gala at Nacka Strand, Stockholm, and acts as a very likeable confirmation that Felix's speed in Formula Asia 2.0 is appreciated also in his native country. Despite the fact that Felix received the largest amount of money (SEK 40.000:-) of all scholarship winners, the night wasn't over as he was later called back up on stage: this time as the outright winner of the prestigious Rydell Special Award following the decision from prize initiator and WTCC driver Rickard Rydell to encourage Felix's performances this year by awarding him what was probably the most personal distinction of all during the night.   

Felix went to Stockholm knowing absolutely nothing about the Awards ceremony, having been fooled by his family and friends who convinced him he was heading for an important Formula Renault meeting in the Swedish capital. However, with a wide variety of guests invited to the happening, Felix began to ponder what was actually going on until Swedish Motorsport body the SBF wanted to speak to him on stage to discuss his season in Asia. Thereafter, it all became obvious as the Ronnie Peterson Memorial Foundation scholarships were presented - 30 years after Peterson died following a first-lap crash at Monza, Italy. The Rydell Special Award - which was founded in 1999 with the aim of helping talented drivers both financially and strategically to develop their international single-seater careers - now sees Felix join an exclusive group of drivers (Sebastian Hohenthal, Alx Danielsson and Marcus Ericsson to mention a few) who have won the Award in earlier years. The motivation for the 2008 Rydell Special Award read: "A young driver who has dominated the championship in which he competes and now is ready for the next step in his international career". 

Next up for Felix is another trip to Shanghai, China, where he will try to win the Formula Asia 2.0 Drivers' and Teams' titles on the weekend of December 5-7 - this time strengthened by the beautiful support of his home country. 


The Ronnie Peterson Memorial Foundation: Recent recipients

2007: Marcus Ericsson / Johanna Ohlsson / Robin Hansson
2006: Pierre Selander / Andreas Simonsen / Mattias Lindberg / Andreas Rydell
2005: Daniel Roos / Marcus Ericsson / Johanna Ohlsson 
2004: Philip Forsman / Daniel Roos / Johnny Öberg / Martin Rydell / R. Mårthen
2003: Robin Andersson / Philip Forsman / Simon Reinberth


The Rydell Special Award: Recent recipients

2007: Marcus Ericsson
2006: Alexander Haegermark
2005: Daniel Roos
2004: Sebastian Hohenthal
2003: Sebastian Hohenthal

Rydell Special Award 2008
Felix on stage at Bilsportgalan 

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