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VALENCIA: First picture of new Dallara F312

Here it is - Dallara's new Formula 3 car for the 2012 season and beyond. The chassis, which follows Dallara's customary designation system and has been christened the F312, incorporates increased safety features and a cleaner appearance than its predecessor - the F308 - as a result of refined aerodynamic regulations. Previous Formula 3 design implementations such as barge boards, flick-ups and other aerodynamic elements have disappeared on the F312, in an attempt to reduce turbulent airflow behind the car and aid overtaking opportunities in the races.

The cleaner aero package on the F312 - combined with the lowered nose - means the chassis follows the most recent international single-seater design trends, and sees Dallara's latest creation bear resemblance to contemporary Formula 1 machines. The Italian firm has spent more than 800 hours in the wind tunnel in order to optimise the F312 and provide governing body the FIA and the F3 organisations with the handling characteristics they have requested.

Dallara has also focussed on cost-efficiency and increased stiffness of vital components such as the monocoque and suspension. Further new features include the placement of the front dampers inside the chassis as opposed to on top of it.

Felix, Mücke Motorsport and the rest of the Formula 3 Euro Series fraternity are getting to know the new car for the very first time this weekend, as pre-season testing kicks off at Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia and runs over the course of two days (Saturday and Sunday).


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