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Car stability woes hold Felix back in Spielberg free practice

Date: June 3rd, 2011
Venue: Red Bull Ring (Austria)
Weather: Sunny/Dry

The Formula 3 Euro Series field took to the recently re-opened Red Bull Ring under clear skies when free practice got things underway in Austria this morning, after some threatening dark clouds blew away from the Spielberg area to signal a beautiful start to this weekend's on-track action.

Felix posted the eighth-fastest time in the session, which followed the traditional structure of being separated into two one-hour sections with a five-minute pause in between. Felix, who was 0.6 seconds behind his pace-setting team-mate Nigel Melker, fought a "very unstable" car and ran wide on a number of occasions as he struggled for balance around the fast and heavily undulated circuit. 10 minutes into the concluding hour, Felix produced a high-speed spin on the exit of the sweeping Audi Ultra corner (see picture on the right), but was able to rejoin the session with only a short delay after track marshals freed him from the gravel trap.

The balance issues meant that Felix was never comfortable with pushing his Mücke Motorsport Dallara to its limits, and the team is currenty working on finding a confidence-providing solution ahead of this afternoon's qualifying session.

As per usual, you will be able to follow all the drama over the rest of the weekend through our LIVE commentary service here at www.felixracing.se, with qualifying coverage commencing at 16.15 CET. 




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