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Heated discussions in Nürburgring Driver Briefing

The fifth round of the ATS Formula 3 Cup championship season at the Nürburgring got off to a heated start during mandatory Driver Briefing this morning. Teams and drivers expressed their clear disagreement with organisers the F3-V regarding the position of circuit markers at a number of places around the circuit, especially in the quick version of the NGK chicane at the end of the lap, and several drivers felt strongly unhappy about the situation.

The circuit markers, put up to prevent drivers from cutting the track and gaining an unfair advantage, have been at the center of attention for most of the build-up to the event after it was found out that several of them had been positioned inside the actual kerbs - right on the racing line - at the final chicane. 

Drivers argued that a potential loss of downforce if hitting the markers could lead to safety being compromised, and after the question was raised again in Driver Briefing, the organisers agreed to remove the plastic cones ahead of Free Practice later this morning - but promised to re-install them again for the rest of the weekend should any driver be found to deliberately have taken exaggerate advantage of the situation in order to achieve a straighter line and better lap time.

Free Practice begins at 09.35 local time.

Nürburgring circuit markers - NGK chicane 

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