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Karlsson Svensson Projekt extends sponsorship deal

By Mattias Persson

Interior design and furnishing projects company Karlsson Svensson Projekt (KS Projekt) has extended its sponsorship agreement with Felix for the 2013 campaign.

KS Projekt is based in the Swedish coastal city of Halmstad, and has supported Felix since his maiden Formula 3 Euro Series victory at the end of 2011. 

"It's great to have KS Projekt onboard yet again in 2013," says Felix. "They have been present at quite a few races over the past two years, and it's no exaggeration to say that they're highly passionate about what they do; both in terms of their own business, and in their commitment to my racing activities. One of the most important aspects of collaboration, to me, is to do things for the right reason and because you truly believe in them, and KS Projekt genuinely does just that. All forms of support are highly appreciated, and I hope that KS Projekt will feel even more involved in my career over the up-coming season."

For further information about Karlsson Svensson Projekt, please visit www.ksprojekt.se.

Earlier this week, ALFAB AB announced a new sponsorship deal with Felix for 2013.

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