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HOCKENHEIM, 2010-05-30

Rosenqvist retires from Hockenheim race lead 

Felix Rosenqvist was haunted by problems as the German Formula 3 championship visited Hockenheim this weekend. 18-year-old Rosenqvist was leading the first of the weekend’s two races when he was dramatically hit by Daniel Abt and had to retire, before a penalty in Race 2 dropped the Swede from third to eighth by the chequered flag. Rosenqvist had topped the pre-event tests and qualified in second and third respectively for the two races.

”I’m obviously quite disappointed right now,” Felix Rosenqvist says. ”Everything has gone against me here as far as results are concerned, but it’s
nothing you can change or affect and all we can do is to look forward. After all, we did run at a very competitive pace all weekend, and I was on my way to Pole Position in qualifying before getting caught in traffic at the end of my fastest lap. It’s naturally tough to retire from the lead, but these things happen and Daniel was very sorry for the incident. Put simple, we’ll just try to get back even stronger next time out!”

Rosenqvist took the lead at the start of the first race, but was chased by Abt
who decided to go for an overtaking manoeuvre at half distance. The Van Amersfoort Racing driver hit Felix from behind, sending his Performance Racing car spinning into the wall and out of the race. In Race 2, Rosenqvist looked set for a solid podium finish when he was handed a drive-through penalty for crossing the white line at the exit of Turn 1. After his costly trip through the pit-lane, the F3 rookie resumed in eighth - a position he held to the end of the race, and which at least gave him one championship point.

”Even though I have only finished
two races so far this year and am a long way back in the championship standings, I still think the beginning of the season has provided us with many positive answers,” Rosenqvist concludes. ”I am more motivated now than I have ever been before and really feel at home at the team, so if our luck takes a turn for the better then hopefully the results will come.”

One of the Performance Racing mechanics this weekend was Swede Mattias Aronsson, who used to help Felix in the beginning of his career. Aronsson is usually involved in rallying, and
was working on Alon Day’s car at Hockenheim. The next round of the German F3 championship takes place in Assen, the Netherlands, on July 17-18. 



German Formula 3: www.formel3.de
Performance Racing: www.performance-racing.se   

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