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Pro Performance to help Felix enhance fitness levels

Trying to reach the top of international motorsport requires detailed physical and mental preparations, with no room for slip ups. That is why Felix has now joined forces with acclaimed British sports institute Pro Performance, who have come up with a custom-made training programme that specifically caters to the demands Felix meets in Formula 3 and, eventually, in future racing series.

Since its foundation in 2002, Pro Performance has worked with more than 150 drivers in a range of categories leading up to and including Formula 1. Current clients include the likes of IndyCar frontrunner Mike Conway, Mercedes F1 test driver Sam Bird and reigning British Formula 3 champion Felipe Nasr.

Felix has already made his first visit to the Pro Performance offices in Horley, UK, where he was able to familiarise himself with the company, its routines and the dedicated training regime that will aim to help improve his physical standards over the course of the season. The programme includes on-site follow-up sessions throughout the year, as well as regular additional evaluations from Sweden and the circuits.

"A collaboration of this kind is exactly what I need in this stage of my career," says Felix. "Up until now, I have more or less taken care of my entire training scheme myself, but the support of a professional partner such as Pro Performance will now enable me to develop and reach the next physical step. I was impressed by the structure when I visited the headquarters in Horley last week, and since I enjoy working out, I'm sure this will be a very productive relationship."

Read more about Pro Performance here.

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