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Q&A: Felix on 2011 Formula 3 Euro Series graduation

One year after making his Formula 3 debut in Germany, Felix Rosenqvist will find himself at the very top of the single-seater category this season after agreeing to join the fiercely competitive Formula 3 Euro Series championship with Berlin-based Mücke Motorsport. Having scored two victories and eight podiums in the German series last year, and produced an impressive drive to ninth on his first visit to the legendary Macau season finale, the 19-year-old Swede knows that it will take hard work - and unparalleled dedication - to battle it out with some of the fastest youngsters in the world in 2011.

We spoke to Felix about the challenges that lie ahead, and the prospects of a fascinating season on some of Europe's most illustrious racing circuits...


Mattias Persson: Formula 3 Euro Series – yet another leap forward in your career. What are your thoughts going into the new season?
Felix Rosenqvist: I view this season as a very big challenge – which is important for me in order to keep developing. I know it will be extremely tough both physically, mentally and from a sporting point of view, but I only see the positives of it – and I picture myself to be a better driver at the end of the season than I am now. Since I’m still climbing the career ladder in this sport, continuous improvement is the absolute priority for me right now.


Mattias Persson: Your new team, Mücke Motorsport, is active in a range of different championships outside of Formula 3 – including DTM and GP3. What was it about them that attracted you?
Felix Rosenqvist: We got in touch with the team already in 2009. That inevitably meant that Peter Mücke followed my results in 2010, and – after my ”breakthrough” in Macau – he contacted us. We had a dialogue over the next few weeks, and here we are. It is a very professional and well-structured team, and needless to say, we obviously know about their history both in DTM and F3. They have been in the business for a very long time and have shaped many famous drivers – and above all, they have always delivered.


Mattias Persson: There is no doubt about the fact that competition is getting seriously fierce at this level of international motorsport. You had a first taste of what it’s like when you entered the F3 finale in Macau last November, but what do you think you can achieve as a Formula 3 Euro Series rookie?
Felix Rosenqvist: That’s correct. I am fully aware that once you reach this sort of level, the difference in skill between the drivers becomes increasingly smaller – which means you have to work much harder to get results. We will invest large chunks of time in analysing my driving with my engineer (who has a degree in aerodynamics and has been with the team for 16 years) following every session, and I will work flat-out on my fitness throughout the winter. Everything that can be done will be done to find that vital extra edge. I will do everything I can to put myself in the best possible position to race at the peak of my performance, but I would rather not set myself any firm targets until I’ve actually driven the car.


Mattias Persson: The 2011 season kicks off at Paul Ricard in France, a circuit you have never visited before. During the rest of the campaign, there are another five circuits you have never raced at, and only two – Hockenheim and the Nürburgring – that you are familiar with since last year. Does that worry you?
Felix Rosenqvist: Absolutely not. Learning new circuits has always been my strength. Rest assured, though, that I’ll still stick to my normal routine of preparing myself to the absolute maximum ahead of racing at a new venue.


Mattias Persson: What is the single most important thing you take with you from your first season in Formula 3 last year?
Felix Rosenqvist: The knowledge that you have to make good starts to achieve good results. I learned that the hard way last year, so that is an area I will put a lot of effort into. I will also aim to improve my consistency and try to score whatever number of points I can get, instead of using the “youthful” all-in, make-or-break attitude I had last year.


Mattias Persson: Good luck!
Felix Rosenqvist: Thanks! Let's get the racing started...

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