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Qualifying postponed in Friday fog delay

This afternoon’s Formula 3 Euro Series qualifying session at Hockenheim, which was originally scheduled to take place at 16.20 CEST, has been postponed due to delays in relation to heavy fog over the circuit this morning.

With a thick layer of mist greeting the teams and drivers upon arrival at the circuit, the weather was deemed too treacherous for the important ambulance helicopter to take off from the Hockenheim helipad in the event of a potential accident in one of the morning's practice sessions.

Organisers therefore decided to postpone all early activities until conditions had improved, which forced Formula 3 Euro Series competitors to wait almost two hours for the start of free practice - which was eventually topped by Felix - earlier today.

A new provisional start time for qualifying was circulated in the Hockenheim paddock on Friday afternoon, with the session now scheduled to begin at 17.00 CEST. As a result of the delays, LIVE commentary of the grid-deciding shootout at www.felixracing.se will be moved to 16.45 CEST.

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