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Rain postpones RTL GP Masters of Formula 3 qualifying

By Mattias Persson

Both of Saturday's RTL GP Masters of Formula 3 qualifying sessions have been postponed, after a thunderstorm hit Zandvoort and made all running at the circuit impossible to conduct.

The Saturday programme features two qualifying sessions, each 20 minutes long, to set up the grid for Sunday's race. The first of these was originally scheduled to take place at 11.45 local time on Saturday morning, but has been postponed until 13.35 amid the appalling conditions.

Qualifying 2, pencilled in for 15.40 in the pre-event time table, has been moved forward by an hour and will now take place at 16.40.

Massive amounts of rain overnight and into this morning has placed heavy challenges on the Zandvoort infrastructure. Several roads in the area have been hit with flooding, while the tunnel that leads into the circuit itself had to be closed completely when water levels rocketed out of control. A range of team personnel, including drivers, got stuck in the chaos outside Circuit Park Zandvoort, with Carlos Sainz Jr. reporting on Facebook this morning that he had been unable to reach the track due to the abysmal weather.

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