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Reviewing the Rivals: Rio Haryanto

By Mattias Persson

Throughout the autumn, www.felixracing.se will be running a series of articles where we look back at some of Felix's previous rivals - and chart where their careers have taken them by 2012. A new profile will be introduced every seven days. This week: Rio Haryanto.


Raced against Felix:
2008 (Formula Asia 2.0), 2010 (Macau Grand Prix)
Today: GP2

Rio Haryanto was one of the first drivers Felix ever went up against as he began his single-seater adventures. The Indonesian ended up third overall, just behind second-placed Mathias Beche, when Felix stormed to the Formula Asia 2.0 title in 2008.

Since then, Haryanto has joined Felix and Beche in pursuing a career in Europe, and instantly produced front-running results in GP3 in 2010 and 2011. Support from Formula 1 team Marussia (known as Virgin at the time) meant that Haryanto got to test an F1 car in Abu Dhabi at the tender age of 17 back in November 2010, just days before flying out to the Formula 3 world finals in Macau (where he was reunited with Felix). Once there, however, he endured a torrid event and was forced to retire after having qualified in 25th place (Felix qualified seventh).

2012 sees Haryanto race in the GP2 Series, one of the Formula 1 stepping-stone categories, with continued support from the Marussia Grand Prix squad. In his home country, Haryanto is considered a future super star and enjoys an almost surreal status that frequently sees him feature in everything from morning-TV shows to national tabloids. Earlier this year, he again drove an F1 car at the Young Driver Test at Silverstone, before taking his maiden GP2 pole position at Spa-Francorchamps as recently as last weekend.

Read more about Rio Haryanto - and everything else connected to Felix's career on the road to Formula 3 Euro Series - in the Felix Racing news archive.

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