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Seat fitting with Team BS Motorsport

Today, Felix Rosenqvist visited his new team for 2009, Team BS Motorsport, in Karlskoga, Sweden. On the agenda for the day was an informal meeting with team owners Lennart Bohlin and Jan Stråth, as well as undertaking general preparations for the up-coming season - like conducting the all-important seat fitting so crucial for racing drivers. Felix might be used to the procedure from his last two campaigns in Asian Formula Renault, but those less familiar with the conceptualisation of what is basically the driver's chair can find the rough guide below. The seat itself? Well, it came about nicely!



Time to climb into the cockpit for the first time of many on a day like this, the target being to find a proper seating position where both steering wheel and pedals feel alright. Petter Dahl, who will oversee Team BS Motorsport's Formula Renault cars during the year, offers his assistance.


The next step is to get the plastic bag - which will eventually shape the special foam used during seat fittings - in place. Jimmy Bohlin, son of team boss Lennart and himself a former racing driver, does the work.


The aforementioned foam is added, and within minutes it will have shaped itself according to Felix's back and neck characteristics. Due to the stiffness and low ride height of a single-seater racing car, a comfortable driving position is essential - and necessary in the quest for victory. 



Every part of the body has got to feel good, including the legs which receive extra support to protect knees and joints. Felix undeniably seems happy with the work done so far, but the foam still has to congeal.


Petter makes sure that the HANS device, which maintains stability for the driver's head during an impact, fits within the new seat structure. HANS is an incredibly important safety measure and must work in all circumstances.



The seat is almost completed - only the final touches remain. Felix points out areas of discomfort, which are easily peeled off with a standard knife. The foam used is very convenient and allows for detailed alteration.


Into position for a final time. Things feel fine and Felix now has a complete seat for use in whatever chassis he competes with in 2009.

Felix will be in secure hands this year - who wouldn't be with "Super-Lennart" as team principal?! 

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