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Three-race format and altered points system for Formula 3 Euro Series

Formula 3 Euro Series organisers have published the sporting and technical regulations ahead of the 2011 season.

The new documents confirm that Formula 3 Euro Series will follow in the footsteps of the British championship and introduce a three-race format at each event, replacing the more traditional two-race structure. Two of the races - the first and third at every meeting - will run over a distance of approximately 110 km (40 minutes), while Race 2 is set to be half as long. The length of Race 2 can be compared to what Felix got used to in the German championship last year, while Races 1 and 3 will put drivers through their paces for about as long as the duration of the 2010 Macau Grand Prix - the longest-spanning race Felix has competed in with a finishing time of just under 40 minutes.

The two longer races (Race 1 and Race 3) will take place on Saturday and Sunday morning respectively. The significantly shorter second race will be run on Saturday afternoon.

In order to set up the starting grid for the respective races, the new sporting regulations also include a remodelled qualifying system. A single, 30-minute qualifying session will take place on the Friday, with the fastest two lap times of each driver proving important for the rest of the weekend (emphasis, therefore, will be put on both speed and consistency). The second-fastest time from each competitor will decide the grid for Race 1, while the outright quickest qualifying effort produces the starting positions for Race 3. The grid for the second and shorter race of the weekend will be based on the results at the end of Race 1, reversing the top eight finishers (eighth place in Race 1 equals Pole Position for Race 2).

Furthermore, the 2011 changes have seen an alteration to the points system, which has received a complete facelift in order to bring Formula 3 Euro Series into line with the international standard structure introduced in Formula 1 last year. The new points' allocation rewards Races 1 and 3 higher than Race 2, reflecting both the duration of the respective races and the comparatively more imposing performance behind a strong result in a race without a reversed starting grid. 

The 2011 points structure is as follows:

Race 1 and 3                 Race 2   
1st 25 p.                1st  10 p. 
2nd  18 p.                          2nd  8 p.
3rd  15 p.               3rd 6 p. 
4th  12 p.                4th 5 p. 
5th 10 p.                5th 4 p. 
6th 8 p.                6th 3 p. 
7th 6 p                7th 2 p. 
8th 4 p.                8th 1 p. 
9th 2 p.                   
10th 1 p.                   

No points will be awarded for Pole Position or setting the fastest race lap. All rounds count towards the championship, with the driver who has scored the most points by the end of the season winning the title (view the full 2011 calendar here). In a similar fashion, the most successful squad over the course of the year takes honours in the teams' championship. In the so-called Nations Cup, where a country can score points with its two best drivers, Felix will be representing Sweden together with his National Motor Racing Team colleague
 Jimmy Eriksson.   

It has also been announced that every championship event will be kicked off by two Free Practice sessions, each of which will last for 60 minutes and be separated by a five minute interval.

Free Practice: 60 minutes + 60 minutes 
Qualifying: 30 minutes
Race 1 (approx. 110 km): Saturday morning
Race 2 (approx. 55 km): Saturday afternoon
Race 3 (approx. 110 km): Sunday morning

Starting grid positions
Race 1: Second-fastest lap from qualifying.
Race 2: Based on Race 1 results. Top eight drivers reversed for Race 2 grid.
Race 3: Outright fastest lap from qualifying.


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